Our Imported Thermal Paper Rolls can be used with ATM Machine, Thermal Receipt Printer, Credit Card Terminal, Cash Register Machine, and so on. We also import Point of Sales Equipment such as POS Systems, Touch Screen Monitor, and Thermal Printer. We have high quality Thermal Paper Rolls of various size and colour suitably for retailer, banks, and fast food operators.

Generally, we import and export Products and Services from one Country to another. We market and distribute products and services within Nigeria. Presently, we import Thermal Paper Rolls from United Kingdom to Nigeria, Thermal Printer and POS Systems from Italy and Taiwan.

Also, we market and distribute all Telecommunication Products and Services in Nigeria such as Recharge Cards, Sim pack, Mobile handset and Fixed Wireless handset. Download full Products Catalogue.

Kindly contact us about your choice of thermal printer, thermal paper rolls, POS systems and accessories, ATM Machine, Virtual Terminal and Telecommunication products.